MOBI-US e-Workshop, 7-8 September, online

On 7-8 September the MOBI-US project completed an important step: the Matchmaking Workshop. This event had the purpose of making the networking partners and MSc program leaders to meet (online) and discuss potential partnerships that will result in mobility pathways between these institutions after MOBI-US is concluded in July 2021. This event had to be split in two parts due to the COVID situation: the first was held in June 2020, while the second and last one was completed early this week.

LPRC had two representatives – Luís Lopes and Márcio Tameirão – who were responsible for the development of the “Matchmaking Workshop Guide”, the document that compiles the agenda, online platform, materials, preparatory activities, homework for the partners, as well as the partner finding exercises that were performed in the event. Despite the challenge of adapting the partner finding exercises to an online mode, the activities allowed the MSc program leaders to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and find potential partners to further discuss the feasibility and logistics to set up the mobility pathways, which was the main goal of the workshop.

During the event, LPRC, as a Mentoring partner, provided input on the discussions whenever needed, and helped the program leaders to perform the exercises smoothly by answering questions and monitoring the dynamic of the activities. This support will continue in the upcoming months of MOBI-US, since the potential networking partners will continue to work on the details to establish the mobilities.

LPRC is the leader of the Communication and Dissemination work package in MOBI-US. For the team the next steps include raising awareness about the next event – Industry Workshop – and mentoring the networking partners during the above-mentioned “homework”.

MOBI-US 1st Workshop – online

Last week, LPRC actively contributed to the first MOB-US project workshop (two days event), in preparation of the first mobility window development among the networking partners.

On the first day, 30 June 2020, and after the usual introductions on the partners and the project itself, the so-called mentoring partners – LPRC is among these – presented their chapters of the guideline document, a document co-created to give best practices and possibilities for the establishment of the structured mobility pathways. LPRC presented its work on the “Skills, competence gaps and needs of the raw materials sector” tied with recommendations for implementation of future courses in the MOBI-US masters programmes. The first finished with the views and opinions of the Advisory Board, a group designed to guide and help the implementation of the project.

The second day followed discussions with presentations by the networking universities on their raw materials education programs that are going to be offered to MOBI-US students. This workshop concluded Phase 1 of the project.

A matchmaking workshop is to be held in September. The aim of this event is to get the partners together and understand their strenghts and weaknesses in teaching for common improvent. LPRC is responsible to organise this event, following our extensive experience in leading and moderating workshops.

Call for participation in our projects!

La Palma Research Centre is a partner in many EU-focused projects. Some of these projects are calling out for stakeholders involvement in their tasks. Find below what projects are open for participation and how you can get involved with them.

MOBI-US – The project will host an online workshop about its future Masters mobility program on the 3oth of June and 1st of July, two hours each day, from 9h to 11h. Participation is free, but requires registration.

UNEXUP – UNEXMIN’s natural follow-up, UNEXUP has an open pilot policy – if you have an underwater structure and have interest in getting it surveyed with top notch technology, then this is your oppportunity. Get in touch with the project through the contact form.

ROBOMINERS – LPRC is leading the Active clustering and roadmapping efforts. Therefore, engagement with stakeholders is a given. At this moment, the team is collecting projects and persons willing to do clustering activities (exchange information, debate) and to participate in focus groups to discuss the ROBOMINERS technology and the future of mining itself. Get in touch through the project’s contact form.

Your participation is always relevant and can shape the future of this projects now and beyond!