About The Centre

LPRC, the La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla de la Palma, Spain.

Built on decades of experience, the Centre’s social and scientific network extends to most European countries and has working contacts with professionals from around the globe. Although our work involves research and analysis across a broad spectrum of scientific areas, we have a strong focus on earth science, addressing both applied and basic research related to earth systems & resources, geology, raw materials & minerals.

Our mission is to unleash the power of futures thinking in the design of alternative, better futures amidst social, economic and technological developments that are shaking the world today. Mineral raw materials are in the centre-stage of technology development, whilst earth systems & processes represent the overall background for our work, which includes a range of awareness raising activities and dissemination efforts, reaching out towards the public and geoscience communities.

By studying alternative futures we help individuals, decision-makers, communities and business organizations to understand how their decisions in the present could affect their lives in the future.

Our location offers the perfect spot for the development of radical ideas but also for bringing experts together for discussions from all over the world. The unique and inspiring location and the untouched wild nature of the island opens the mind to create preferred visions of the future to allow us to better anticipate what lies ahead…