La Palma Research Centre

LPRC, the La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies SL is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla la Palma, Spain.

Latest LPRC news

  • Planetary RObots Deployed for Assembly and Construction Tasks
  • MSCA for the Macaronesian public to develop careers in sciences.

  • International Network of Raw Materials Training Centres

  • An autonomous underwater explorer for flooded mines.

  • Combined Heat Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies.

  • Viable Alternative Mine Operating System.

  • Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials.

  • The Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis.

  • Groundwater research inventory and classification to make groundwater visible.

  • Fostering international cooperation on raw materials with non-EU countries.

  • Concept and methodology for “Mineral deposits of public importance”.

Where to meet us?

  • “Tenth Year working towards Geothermy” GeoPlat meeting

    Madrid, 19 June, 2019

    GeoPlat is a scientific working group formed by the geothermal sector’s most relevant players in Spain, including industry. The 19th of June Geoplat will celebrate its “Tenth Year working towards Geothermy” with a General Assembly of which LPRC will attend.

  • UNEXMIN Final Conference

    Brussels, 26th of September, 2019

    UNEXMIN will host its final conference to show the project’s results and outcomes. The programme includes discussions on raw materials policies, industrial innovation and the future of the robotic platform.

  • VII Social Science Communication Congress

    Burgos, 9-11 October, 2019

    The IberoAmerican Congress on Social Communication of Science 2019 will take place in Burgos and La Palma Research will present their MacaroNight project.