La Palma Research Centre

LPRC, the La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies SL is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla la Palma, Spain.

Latest LPRC news

  • Planetary RObots Deployed for Assembly and Construction Tasks
  • MSCA for the Macaronesian public to develop careers in sciences.

  • International Network of Raw Materials Training Centres

  • An autonomous underwater explorer for flooded mines.

  • Combined Heat Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies.

  • Viable Alternative Mine Operating System.

  • Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials.

  • The Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis.

  • Groundwater research inventory and classification to make groundwater visible.

  • Fostering international cooperation on raw materials with non-EU countries.

  • Concept and methodology for “Mineral deposits of public importance”.

Where to meet us?

  • Real-Time Mining 2nd International Conference

    Freiberg, 26-27 March, 2019

    The RTM 2nd International Conference is to bring together individuals and companies working on EU-sponsored projects to exchange knowledge and explore synergies and innovations in the extraction of resources.

  • International Workshop on Geothermal Energy

    Las Palmas, 8-9 April

    International experts, high level representatives and decision makers from countries worldwide will meet to discuss the state of the art of Geothermal Energy on the Canary Islands & Spain.

  • CHPM2030 final conference

    Delft, 23rd of May 2019

    The CHPM2030 project is organising its final conference in the framework of the EuroWorkshop: Geology and the energy transition. The preliminary outcomes of the CHPM2030 project will be presented, including the CHPM Roadmaps for 2030 and 2050.