Competency Model for employment across the Raw Materials sector – INTERMIN project

  • Authors
    • Marco Konrat Martins, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Balázs Bodó, Senior Advisor, La Palma Research Centre
  • Summary

    The first section of this report highlights the needs for adaptation and emergence of competencies in the three great areas of the raw materials sector:

    • Mineral exploration
    • Mining & Processing
    • Materials engineering and recycling

    Most of the skills and competencies directly relate to the expected technological evolution and adoption across the different functions in raw materials professions as well as sustainabilityrelated issues – managing social and environmental impacts. Specific descriptions are given in the following section over potential needs for the most affected areas under the higher levels of qualification (Deliverable 3.1). Lower levels of qualifications are briefly considered as in how to adapt for the decreasing demand in more repetitive and mechanical tasks.

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