Upcoming MOBI-US events!

The next days will see important milestones met for the MOBI-US project. There will be two online events: the MOBI-US Open Day, and the Industry Workshop. Both are being promoted and disseminated by LPRC – as the Work Package leader on Communication & Dissemination of the project.

The Open Day event will be an opportunity for the interested audiences to know more about the networking institutions and the MOBI-US project itself, in which there will be an agenda with timeslots for each partner university to introduce their facilities, teaching staff and everything that they will offer to the guest students that will participate in the structured mobility program. There is a webpage within the MOBI-US website where you can find all the information about this event, the agenda, as well as the link to registration. It will be held tomorrow (27 November 2020) from 14:00 to 16:00 CET.

Agenda for the MOBI-US Open Day event.

The next event will be the Industry Workshop. On 2 December 2020, representatives of the raw materials industry in the ESEE region are invited to join the event and provide their input and feedback on the mobility pathways that have been drafted by the program representatives over the past months (Online Workshop and Matchmaking Workshop). This input will improve the structure of these mobilities, which will add more value to the joint programs and, therefore, will culminate in a more prepared work force for the ESEE raw materials sector.

Call for the MOBI-US Industry Workshop.

Register and participate in any of these events if you are interested!

You can stay updated about these events and everything else about MOBI-US on the project’s website and social media channels.