The European Union Outermost Regions (ORs) are geographically isolated from the European continent. They are French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion Island and Saint-Martin (France), Azores and Madeira (Portugal), and the Canary Islands (Spain). 

These regions have unique potential in providing an European presence in strategic areas of the world, but often exist as an outlier in how EU policies interact with the ORs’ geographic, economic, social and environmental contexts.

Our aim is to support new economic scenarios for the Outermost Regions based on blue and green economy approaches. Over the past decade we have developed an extensive contact network and we can also act as a business broker or facilitator supporting your planned projects and initiatives in these remote parts of the EU.

Example: MacaroNight

LPRC leads MacaroNight, a project that aims to bring the science in Macaronesia together for a night to show the public we share a common research identity, with common challenges and assets appealing to the new generations of Macaronesian researchers to develop a career in sciences.