Facilitating technology transfer from research to actual commercialisation is a key area of LPRC’s business. You have just completed an ambitious research project, why not take this success one step further? LPRC can deliver tailored business models so that your know-how, research result or innovation can be turned into a profitable business.

We have a track record of setting up spin-offs from research projects, handling intellectual property right issues along the way. We can help you put your innovation and research results to the market through a series of efficient steps, based on a thorough and anticipatory understanding of your technological service offering and the requirements of your future customers.

Our business solutions are custom made and especially suitable for small businesses that often lack capital. We can deliver very successful results even under the most challenging circumstances and for niche markets such as mining robotics, raising capital and developing innovative financing schemes to ensure that your new business has a kick-start.

Case study: Within the framework of the UNEXMIN project LPRC established a spin-off (UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd.), developed business plans, sorted out IPR and arranged financing for this company’s operation for a three year period.

Our offer: We can help you turn your research and innovation project into a profitable business. Our services include working out the most efficient pathway to commercialisation, setting up a suitable business configuration, registering and managing the business venture, organising finance and dealing with IPR issues.