LPRC joins four new Horizon Europe projects

Together with the start of the year, La Palma Research Centre is also starting its participation in four new innovative and exciting Horizon Europe-funded projects in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and technology. These four projects are:

  • CIRAN (CrItical RAw materials extraction in enviroNmentally protected areas) – CIRAN will develop, test and validate processes to arrive at systemic policy-making, balancing environmental protection and societal needs for accessing critical raw materials (CRMs).
  • FIREFLY (FlexIble, predictive and Renewable Electricity powered electrochemical toolbox For a sustainable transition of the catalyst-based European chemicaL industrY) – FIREFLY rises to the sustainable evolution of the catalyst-based chemical industry, towards its electrification and reduced third-party dependence on metals and fossil energy.
  • AIRSHIP (Autonomous Flying Ships for Inter-Island and Inland Waters Transport) – AIRSHIP envisions an innovative use of a known transportation mean: flying ships. Such vehicles are designed and built to take advantage of the ground effect, that allows these crafts to fly with enhanced lift and reduced drag.
  • TRIDENT (Technology Based  Impact Assessment Tool for Sustainable, Transparent Deep Sea Mining Exploration and Exploitation) – TRIDENT aims to contribute to a sustainable exploitation of seabed mineral resources, by developing a reliable, transparent and cost-effective system for prediction and continuous environmental impact monitoring of exploration and exploitation activities in the deep sea.

These projects will have their first meetings throughout January 2023. Once they happen, there will more news to share!