• Fact sheet

    NameTIMREX – T-Shaped Master Programme for Innovative Mineral Resource Exploration
    Program: EIT RawMaterials
    Budget: EUR 1 052 000€
    Duration: 36 months 01/01/2022- 31/12/2024

  • About the project

    Built on existing strong minerals exploration MSc programmes, the project provides a joint education with add-on entrepreneurship skills. Based on a gap analysis, mineral resources exploration, focusing on field activities and sustainability performance does not exist in the portfolio of EIT-Labelled master programmes. The consortium led by and having RIS-universities will involve non-academic partners in program development and implementation.

  • Our role in the project

    LPRC leads two Work Packages in TIMREX: Work Package 4 (Innovation and Entrepreneurship modules development), where the aim is to develop and implement innovation and entrepreneurship modules intot eh MSc program; Work Package 7 (Dissemination and outreach), where the goal is to create and implement the communication and dissemination strategy of the project.

  • More information

    For more information please contact Luís Lopes at luislopes_at_lapalmacentre.eu or visit the project website.