• Fact sheet

    NameSEAWINGS – Sea/Air Interphasic Wing-in-Ground Effect Autonomous Drones
    Program: European Defence Fund (EDF)
    Budget: EUR 3 900 000
    Duration: 42 months 01/12/2022- 31/05/2026

  • About the project

    SEAWINGS proposes the development of a new class of military surveillance drones, designed and built as wing-in-ground effect vehicles (WIG vehicles) designed to operate in the sea/air interface, giving rise to a new type of unmanned craft, UWV (Unmanned WIG Vehicles). Such vehicles – which are technically considered ships – could provide enormous advantages over any other locomotion means: they are extremely fast and energy efficient, capable of very high payloads, inexpensive, longrange, do not require infrastructure or launch vehicle for departure and landing, and they can be much more difficult to detect.

  • Our role in the project

    LPRC is the coordinator of the SEAWINGS project. Besides the management and administrative follow-up of the project, LPRC is also leading Work Packages 7 (Deployment strategies and scenarios) and 8 (Roadmaps and exploitation). The company is also involved in the remaining development of the project.

  • More information

    LPRC Contact: Márcio Tameirão (marcio.tameirao_at_lapalmacentre.eu)
    SEAWINGS website: https://seawingsproject.eu