• Fact sheet

    Name: SkiComCu – Lifelong Learning Course for skills & competences in the Copper sector
    Program: EIT RawMaterials
    Budget: EUR 1 262 039
    Duration: 36 months 01/09/2023- 31/08/2026

  • About the project

    SkiComCu is a lifelong learning course designed to address a dual challenge in the EU metal sector. On one hand, it offers specialized training for current and future professionals in the copper sector. On the other hand, it delivers training that adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the EU copper sector, encompassing industry 4.0 & 5.0, green transition, and circular economy requirements.

    Furthermore, SkiComCu will provide an educational methodology for future lifelong learning actions, contributing to the continuous re/upskilling of the copper industry workforce and other metal industries. Past EU projects, such as INTERMIN in 2018, have highlighted skills gaps in this sector. This led the EU to include Action 6 in its Critical Raw Materials Resilience strategy (COM(2020) 474 final). Specifically, gaps were identified in skills related to digital literacy, risk management for sustainability and social acceptance, circular economy, and climate change (INTERMIN, 2019).

  • Our role in the project

    LPRC leads WP6 – Raising awareness – Dissemination & Built Knowledge Networks, which includes several activities such as Planning, organisation and implementation of the communication activities and dissemination process aim to ensuring the sustainability of the results of the project and increase their impact.

  • More information

    LPRC Contact: Marcio Tameirao (marcio.tameirao_at_lapalmcentre.eu)
    FIREFLY Website: https://skicomcu.eu/