• Fact sheet

    NameFUTOR – Fostering Futures Thinking in Europe’s Outermost Regions with the help of Digital Art
    Program: ERASMUS +
    Budget: EUR 59112
    Duration: 24 months 01/05/2021- 30/04/2023

  • About the project

    FUTOR delivers a combination of digital and physical activities, designed to address the COVID-19 situation. The collection of “baseline” imagery, footage and description will take place in the physical word, giving the students the much needed physical activity that can be conducted in very small groups or even individually – as the pandemic situation allows. Focusing on the immediate surroundings, documenting the state of the natural environment (or other phenomena such as the state of an object of interest or the community/society at large) in the immediate neighbourhood does not necessitate long travels. This individual work is then followed by group interaction and discussion, but through digital means and social media interacting with a large group of co-workers and team members.

    The immediate impact of the project will be two-fold:

    • FUTOR will empower secondary school teachers with new pedagogical methods, tools and instruments contributing to the important life-long learning ambitions of this stakeholder group,
    • FUTOR will empower students and young people with the power of systemic futures thinking expressed as digital art, contributing to the improvement of digital literacy of this stakeholder group.
  • Our role in the project

    LPRC leads the FUTOR project as well as other tasks:

    1. Developing the digital infrastructure of FUTOR
    2. Organise and host online events (e.g. teachers’ seminar, tutorials, Q&As)
    3. Recruitment of participants
  • More information

    For more information please contact Matyas Baan at matyas.baan_at_lapalmacentre.eu