• Fact sheet

    NamePRO-ACT – Planetary RObots Deployed for Assembly and Construction Tasks
    Program: Horizon 2020, SPACE-12-TEC-2018, RIA SRC
    Grant Agreement number: 821903

  • About the project

    The project addressed the establishment, with the support of mobile robotic platforms, of a precursor lunar base with essential capabilities in preparation to commercial exploitation of in-situ resources by assembling an ISRU – In Situ Resource utilization – station that extract and utilize lunar resources. The system has been essential for the establishment of future human settlements. It has included the extraction of oxygen from regolith to serve as oxidizer for fuel and for artificial atmosphere generation within habitats, and 3D printing of relevant structures using regolith) for construction purposes – e.g. tiles for landing pad and roads, panels for berms, elements for shelters.

  • Our role in the project

    LPRC brought in geotechnical and logistical know-how for the definition of a site preparation mission of a future Moon base / ISRU plant. In WP1 – Technological Review and System Requirements, LPRC contributed to the development of the actual mission scenarios and system requirements for the OG11b solution. In WP5 – Execution of test, demonstration and correlation of test results, LPRC participated in the implementation of the field demonstration, which included logistical support to organe the tests and geoscientific evaluation of the suitability of the proposed earth-analogue sites and the robots’ performance in these sites. In WP7 – Exploitation, Dissemination and Outreach, LPRC’s task ise to mobilise the geologist and mining communities for the evaluation and uptake of project results, especially with regards to the application of robotic solutions for mine site preparation in remote, harsh, and difficult to access areas, where valuable mineral deposits may be present, but human access or supervision is difficult during the preparatory phase. This work also concerned the development of concepts for mining industry-oriented applications and connecting those with potential users and customers from the mining sector.

  • More information

    For more information please contact Adrienn Csekő at director_at_lapalmacentre.eu