• About the project

    INTERMIN will create a self-sustainable long-term lasting international network of training centres for mineral raw materials professionals. This project involves educational and research institutions in the EU and the leading counterparts in third countries, based on specific country expertise in the primary and secondary raw materials sectors. The network will map skills and knowledge in the EU and the third countries, identify key knowledge gaps and emerging needs of employers, develop a roadmap for improving skills and knowledge, as well as establish common training programmes in the raw materials sectors. In line with the EU’s strategy for international co-operation in research and innovation, the consortium will seek international collaboration, fostering and exploring synergies with the relevant EU Member States initiatives.

  • Our role in the project

    LPRC is leading Work Package 2 – Raw Materials sector skills, gaps and emerging knowledge needs (Gaps). This work package will carry out a needs assessment, identifying the short- to long-term skills demand of employers. LPRC will examine the short term needs by executing interviews, reviewing industry position papers and organizing a dedicated workshop. The medium-term needs will be assessed by a specially established Focus Group, resulting in a Manifesto. LPRC will investigate the long-term New Frontiers by applying a range of foresight methods, including a workshop and a delphi survey. Environmental factors will be considered by defining and examining possible future scenarios. The final result will be a roadmap on skills provision for the raw materials sector.

  • More information

    For more information please contact contact INTERMIN Project Manager, Marco Konrat at marco.konrat_at_lapalmacentre.eu.