Competency Model for employment across the Raw Materials sector – INTERMIN project

  • Authors
    • Luís Lopes, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Gauthier Quinonez, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
  • Summary

    An analysis on the work done during this project and that is of relevance to MOBI-US is done, and conclusions for the MOBI-US implementation are drawn, which will lead to the chapter to be included in D1.6. MOBI-US is suggested to use the following topics previously studied in INTERMIN (knowledge transfer):

    • The skills catalogue developed for the raw materials sector
    • Report on skill gaps in the sector
    • Integrated competency model for employment across the raw materials sector, and
    • International qualification framework for the raw materials sector

    Alongside the analysis and identification of items from INTERMIN, this report contains a set of recommendations and conclusions for the proper knowledge transfer from INTERMIN and the implementation of important items in the MOBI-US project activities.

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