Policy Recommendations report – VAMOS project

  • Authors
    • Luís Lopes, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Balázs Bodó, Senior Advisor, La Palma Research Centre
  • Summary

    This report compiles together a number of policy recommendations aimed at EU-level policy makers, to support policies covering topics relevant to the ¡VAMOS! technology and that can affect its market uptake. The concept of using seafloor mining methods for the extraction of mineral resources in land is a crucial example; it is not currently covered by European policies.

    To deliver meaningful policy recommendations a set of steps was taken, including: 1) a review of current European policies on raw materials and innovation, 2) a review of EU projects assessing policy aspects on the raw materials value chain, 3) an analysis of current and future challenges in European policies, 4) a ¡VAMOS! scenarios analysis for the future of raw materials and 5) the project’s stakeholders’ considerations for the development of the ¡VAMOS! technology.

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