Research Roadmap – UNEXMIN project

  • Authors
    • Luís Lopes, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Balázs Bodó, Senior Advisor, La Palma Research Centre
  • Summary

    The UNEXMIN Research Roadmap was developed with the involvement of internal Partners and external Experts, taking into account a combination of different futureoriented tools:

    1) Future scenarios exploration for mineral exploration and exploitation and Technology Gap Analysis (based on future trends for the raw materials sector);
    2) An interactive Mindmap exercise, focusing of the future of the UNEXMIN technology based in three key areas: hardware/software, functionalities and applications;
    3) Internal Survey conducted with the involvement of UNEXMIN technology partners used to obtain information on different technology components’ stateof-the-art (2019), research focused development and technology end state.

    These tools provided the relevant background for the creation of a successful future pathway for the UNEXMIN technology based on:

    1) Future applications of the technology
    2) Future capabilities and enhanced functionalities
    3) Hardware upgrades
    4) Software upgrades
    5) Disruptive technology and research areas
    6) Future scenarios
    7) Dedicated funding instruments and /or industry financing

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