Report on Pilots – CHPM2030 project

  • Authors
    • Tamas Miklovicz, Engineering Geologists, La Palma Research Centre, Spain.
    • Paul A J Lusty, Principal Economic Geologist, Richard B Haslam, Structural Geologist, Richard A Shaw, Economic Geologist, Eimear A Deady, Minerals Geoscientist, Paul Williamson, Senior Geophysicist, British Geological Survey.
    • Elsa Cristina Ramalho, Geological Engineer, João Xavier Matos, Economic Geologist, João Gameira Carvalho, Geophysicist, Portuguese National Laboratory of Energy and Geology.
    • Diana Perșa, Researcher, Ștefan Marincea, Senior Researcher, Delia Dumitraș, Senior Researcher, Cătălin Simion, Researcher, Geological Institute of Romania
    • Gerhard Schwarz, Geophysicist, Benno Kathol, Geologist, Magnus Ripa, Geologist, Bo Thunholm, Hydrogeologist Edward P Lynch, Geologist, Johan Jönberger, Geophysicist, Geological Survey of Sweden.
    • Domenico Marchese, Project Officer, Anita Demény, Project Officer, Isabel Fernandez,Executive Director, European Federation of Geologist
  • Summary

    This report presents an evaluation framework that facilitates the investigation of study areas for CHPM technology. The same methodology was applied to five areas (South West England, Portuguese Iberian Pyrite Belt, Romania Beius basin and Bihor mountains, Nautanen and Kristineberg in Sweden) evaluating their CHPM potential and characteristics. A European outlook for CHPM prospective locations has also been prepared, covering 24 countries.

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