CHPM Roadmap for 2030 and 2050 – CHPM2030 project

  • Authors
    • Tamás Miklovicz, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Marco Konrat Martins, Project Manager, La Palma Research Centre
    • Balázs Bodá, Senior Advisor, La Palma Research Centre
  • Summary

    The CHPM roadmap for 2030 and 2050 has been developed using the synergetic combination of three future-oriented layers of studies: 1) The “CHPM component roadmap” study provides a direct follow-up of the current technological components (e.g. metal mobilization/recovery), by describing the state-of-the-art, immediate research plan (2025), pilot research plan (2030), and long term objectives (2050); 2) The “Preparation for future pilots” study investigates the pathway to pilot implementation by 2030, by providing a detailed description of the 5 areas in Europe (Cornwall, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Beius Basin/Bihor Mountains, Kristineberg and Nautanen) for CHPM potential with recommendation for future exploration, stakeholder engagement and funding opportunities. 3) The “Overall concept of CHPM” study investigates the feasibility of combining geothermal energy with mineral extraction with the use of foresight tools such as Horizon Scanning, Delphi survey and Expert workshops.

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