• Fact sheet

    Name: KINDRA – Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research
    Program: Horizon 2020
    Grant Agreement number: 642047
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  • About the project

    Practical and scientific knowledge related to groundwater research and innovation is scattered amongst various actors throughout Europe.

    KINDRA ended in February 2018 with a Final Conference co-organised by La Palma Research Centre and the European Federation of Geologists. During the project lifetime, KINDRA conducted an EU-wide assessment of existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge based on a unique Hydrogeological Research Classification System (HRC-SYS) developed by the project. This classification is supported by a web-service – the European Inventory of Groundwater Research (EIGR) – which acts not only as a knowledge repository, but also as a tool to help identify relevant research topics, existing research trends and critical research challenges.

    The results arising from the KINDRA project will be useful by enabling synergies, implementing policies and optimising water management at all levels across Europe.

  • Our role in the project

    La Palma Research Centre, besides actively participating in all Work Packages, coordinated WP4 – Communication & Dissemination activities. Our objective within this Work Package was to create a more integrated community of researchers and users of research knowledge extending across disciplines, countries, organisations and sectors. To achieve this, communicating the role of groundwater had to be improved by building a correspondence between the before-mentioned social and technical categories and a more intelligible explanation to different audiences (young scholars, people, industrial and agricultural players, etc.). As such, LPRC worked to help achieve a better understanding of the groundwater topic by adapting its technical content and results into outreach materials to help citizens understand the relevance of groundwater in daily life.