Ciencia en Redes


Ciencia en Redes is an event organised for journalists, researchers, communicators, curators, teachers, professors and institutions and companies dedicated to the science and R&D. It is the first Spanish event specifically focused on effective online communication for science and technology. The Spanish Association for Science Communication organises Ciencia en Redes in Barcelona to create a space […]

Real-Time Mining 2nd International Conference

Freiberg Freiberg, Germany

The RTM 2nd International Conference is to bring together individuals and companies working on EU-sponsored projects to exchange knowledge and explore synergies and innovations in the extraction of resources. Luís Lopes will represent the UNEXMIN with a general presentation on the project development: "Developing an underwater robotic platform to explore flooded mines - the state […]

International Workshop on Geothermal Energy

Las Palmas Las Palmas, Spain

International experts, high level representatives and decision makers from countries worldwide will meet to discuss the state of the art of Geothermal Energy on the Canary Islands & Spain, to learn about most efficient and cost-effective geothermal energy use, to gain knowledge about innovations and emerging technologies of geothermal energy and last but not least […]

CHPM2030 final conference

Delft Delft, Belgium

The CHPM2030 project is organising its final conference in the framework of the EuroWorkshop “Geology and the energy transition”. During the afternoon session, preliminary outcomes of the CHPM2030 project will be introduced, including the CHPM Roadmap for 2030 and 2050, presented by Tamas Miklovicz from LPRC. Sharing the knowledge and technology of geothermal energy is cruical […]

Futures Conference, Turku

Turku Turku, Finland

The upcoming Futures Conference 2019 will focus on the concept of agency in action and research for futures. ‘Constructing Futures’ emphasizes opportunities and challenges related to the need for building and critically evaluating capabilities necessary for sustainable futures. This conference will create a cross-disciplinary platform where participants can meet, share, and discuss new ideas concerning social […]

AIMS 2019 – 2nd International Conference “Mines of the Future“

Aachen Professor-Pirlet-Str. 12, Aachen, Germany

The Aachen International Mining Symposia – AIMS – conference focusses on particular topics covering aspects of the production of mineral raw materials. Key issues on the “Mines of the future” will be at the center of discussions. Luís Lopes will present UNEXMIN with a general presentation on the project development: "Re-exploring flooded mines: the UNEXMIN […]

“Tenth Year working towards Geothermy” GeoPlat meeting

Madrid Madrid, Spain

GeoPlat is a scientific working group formed by the geothermal sector’s most relevant players in Spain, including industry. Its aim is to coordinate the joint labor of these stakeholders in order to achieve the commercial uptake of this renewable energy source in Spain in a competitive and sustainable manner. The 19th of June Geoplat will […]

UNEXMIN Final Conference, Brussels

Brussels Bruxelles, Belgium

This event will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the UNEXMIN project overall and its specific fields of work, including minerals exploration, raw materials exploitation, and robotics and ICT development, with cross-cutting discussions that aim at demonstrating the impact that UNEXMIN can have on the European landscape. The programme sessions are: 1) setting the political […]

VII Social Science Communication Congress, Burgos

Burgos Burgos, Spain

From the 9th to the 11th of October, the VII Social Science Communication Congress (CCSC19) will take place in the University of Burgos organized by the Spanish Association of Science Communication (AECC). CCSC compiles three days of all actors and stakeholders exchanging the latest news on science communication, dissemination and citizen science. La Palma Research […]

EU Raw Materials Week 2019

Brussels Bruxelles, Belgium

The 4th edition of the EU "Raw Materials Week" will take place from Monday 18 to Friday 22 November 2019, in Brussels. It builds up on a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. The RMW will be a unique opportunity for the raw materials community […]