• About the project

    CHPM2030 is developing a novel and potentially disruptive technology solution which can help satisfy EU member-states’ needs for energy and strategic metals in a single interlinked process.Working at the frontiers of geothermal resources development, minerals extraction, and electro-metallurgy, the project aims at converting ultra-deep metallic mineral formations into orebody-EGS’ which will serve as a basis for the development of a new type of facility for combined heat, power and metal extraction (CHPM). As a final outcome, the project will deliver blueprints and detailed specifications of a new type of facility designed and operated from its construction as a combined heat, power and metal extraction system. The horizontal aim is to provide new impetus to geothermal development in Europe by investigating previously unexplored pathways at low technology-readiness levels. This will be achieved by developing a road-map in support of the pilot implementation of a CHPM system before 2025, and full-scale commercial implementation before 2030.

  • Our role in the project

    La Palma Research Centre is coordinating Work Package 6 – Roadmapping and Preparation for Pilots. This WP sets the ground for subsequent pilot implementation, bearing in mind that CHPM2030 is a low-TRL research project, based on a novel idea that needs further nurturing and support beyond the immediate duration of the project. Our other objective in WP6 is to map converging technology areas and develop a research roadmap that could help bring forward the realisation of the envisioned CHPM scheme. WP6 implementation is built upon 3 major tasks:  Task 6.1 Horizon Scanning & Visions,  Task 6.2 Preparation for pilots,  Task 6.3 Roadmapping

  • More information

    Learn more about the project at www.chpm2030.eu or contact our CHPM2030 Project Manager Tamás Miklovicz at tamas.miklovicz@lapalmacentre.eu.

  • Downloads

    Take a look at the first brochure of the project here.