• Fact sheet

    Name: CHPM2030 – Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies
    Program: Horizon 2020
    Grant Agreement number: 654100
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  • About the project

    CHPM2030 developed a novel and potentially disruptive technology solution which can help satisfy EU member-states’ needs for energy and strategic metals in a single interlinked process. The project aimed at converting ultra-deep metallic mineral formations into orebody-EGS’ which served as a basis for the development of a new type of facility for Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction (CHPM). The project defined a CHPM related methodology framework, and laboratory experiments aimed to investigate integrated reservoir management, metal mobilization using mild leaching and nano particles, overall system dynamics, metal recovery with geothermal fluid electrolysis and gas diffusion electroprecipitation and electrocrystallization, salinity gradient power. As a final outcome, the project delivered specifications of the new CHPM scheme. The horizontal aim was to investigate previously unexplored pathways at low technology-readiness levels. This has been achieved by developing a roadmap in support of the pilot implementation of a CHPM system before 2025, and full-scale commercial implementation before 2030.

  • Our role in the project

    La Palma Research Centre was coordinating Work Package 6 – Roadmapping and Preparation for Pilots. This WP sets the ground for subsequent pilot implementation, bearing in mind that CHPM2030 is a low-TRL research project, based on a novel idea that needs further nurturing and support beyond the immediate duration of the project. Our other objective in WP6 was to map converging technology areas and develop a research roadmap that could help bring forward the realisation of the envisioned CHPM scheme. WP6 implementation was built upon 3 major tasks:  Task 6.1 Horizon Scanning & Visions, Task 6.2 Preparation for pilots, Task 6.3 Roadmapping

  • More information

    For more information please take a look at the second brochure and the project factsheet. Contact Luis Lopes at luislopes_at_lapalmacentre.eu.