Learn about LPRC Team

Adrienn Cseko

Managing Director

Adrienn is the Managing Director of LPRC. She is also managing KINDRA project, where LPRC is Work Package leader for Communication & Dissemination including public outreach. Contact her at director_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Ariadna Ortega Rodríguez

Communications Manager

Ariadna Ortega Rodríguez is a Canarian translator with a background in European laws and political sciences. She is passionate about literature and current affairs, as well as arts. Ariadna has lived in several countries throughout Europe and likes to learn and live other cultures and ways of life. She dreams with visiting every continent one day. Contact her at ariadna.ortega_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Luis Lopes

Project Manager

Luis is a Portuguese geoscientist with an educational background in both Biology and Earth Sciences. His working interests lie mainly in Minerology, Petrology, Geochemistry and Geological Resources. Luis is an eager learner and thrives to know more about topics such as Science, History or Literature. Contact him at luislopes_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Tamas Miklovicz

Project Manager

Tamas is a Hungarian Engineering Geologist, with a curious mind and enterprising spirit who is passionate about Technology and Earth Sciences. He has studied in Miskolc, Delft, Wroclaw and Freiberg. His interests lie in mineral raw materials, geothermal energy, nature photography, sports, and more. He is feeling lucky. Contact him at tamas.miklovicz_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Marco Konrat Martins

Project Manager

Marco is a Brazilian mining engineer. He has both technical and business experience in international environments and is very interested in the raw materials value chain at large and mineral/mining economics. Contact him at marco.konrat_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Balazs Bodo

Senior Advisor

Balazs is the Senior Advisor and head of Technology Foresight unit at LPRC.
Contact him: research_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Sergio Montes

Project Manager

Sergio is a Spanish writer, researcher and translator with a passion for linguistics and tongue twisters. Contact him at sergio.montes_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Support & Administration

Javier Luque

Graphic Designer

Javier is a graphic designer, specializing in corporate design (logo), printed design, branding and packaging. He also holds a degree in Fine Arts. He enjoys being creative and aware of new trends and techniques, trying that the projects in which he collaborates always have the best visual impact

Gabriella Foti

Financial Manager

Gabriella is a Hungarian financial expert with strong experience in bussiness plannning, controlling and general accountancy with special knowledge on SME-s. Contact: gabriellafoti_at_lapalmacentre.eu

Bodo Sandorne

Project administrator

Cseko Istvanne

Project administrator