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La Palma Research Centre

The La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies SL is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla la Palma, Spain.

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Our Projects

  • UNEXMIN develops a novel robotic system for the autonomous exploration and mapping of Europe’s flooded mines.

  • CHPM2030 aims to develop a novel and potentially disruptive technology solution that can help satisfy the European needs for energy and strategic metals in a single interlinked process.

  • KINDRA seeks to help achieve a better understanding of the groundwater topic by providing an overall view of the scientific knowledge that exists across Europe.

  • INTRAW project has been formulated with the objective of mapping best practices and boosting cooperation opportunities on raw materials with technologically advanced non-EU countries in response to similar global challenges.

  • MINATURA2020 develops a concept and methodology for the definition of “mineral deposits of public importance” in order to ensure their “best use” in the future.

  • The Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis (MICA) project contributes to on-going efforts towards the establishment of such an infrastructure by projects such as ProMine, EURare, Minventory, EuroGeoSource, Minerals4EU, ProSum, I2Mine, INTRAW, MINATURA2020, and more.

  • The aim of the ¡VAMOS! project is to design and build a robotic, underwater mining prototype with associated launch and recovery equipment and test the solution in Europe.

  • The project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials will develop and set up an EU-based platform of international experts and stakeholders that will advance the idea of a World Forum on Raw Materials and enhance the international cooperation on raw material policies and investments.

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